ADOS 1.1.1

No Image ADOS, Program for automatic design, analysis and optimization of optical systems ADOS is powerful optical design program with scope needed to meet today`s requirements of optical designers. ADOS provide an integrated software environment that enables you complete almost any task in contemporary optical design. ADOS is full-featured program that can help you design superior optical systems.

Stellar Phoenix CD DVD Data Recovery 4.1: Stellar Phoenix CD DVD Data Recovery recovers data from damaged optical media.
Stellar Phoenix CD DVD Data Recovery 4.1

Stellar Phoenix CD DVD Data Recovery is easy and efficient tool to recover inaccessible or lost data from all kinds of optical media such as CD, DVD, BD, and HD DVD. The software supports ISO 9660, Joliet, ISO 9660:1999, UDF Packet Writing, UDF, HFS, IFO/VOB Video, and Rock Ridge file systems. You can create the image of the optical media and save the scan information. This image file and scanned information can later be used for data recovery.

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FvWoP Full-vectoral wave-optics beam propagator for optical waveguides.

optical waveguides that solves for beams of horizontal and vertical polarizations. Create your own optical waveguide structure using the graphical user interface, define the input beam, define a waveguide length, then press one button to propagate the beam through the waveguide. See the output beam`s irradiance distribution and the beam`s profile as it propagates. You can also include gain in the waveguide to simulate fiber laser amplifiers. Optical

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StarWind Virtual CD 5.5: Virtual CD extends your infrastructure by adding a virtual DVD-ROM drive locally
StarWind Virtual CD 5.5

Virtual CD from StarWind Software, Inc. allows you to create a virtual DVD-ROM drive locally to extend your computing infrastructure. A Virtual DVD-ROM emulation allows you to use virtual optical drives when and where you need them. Virtual CD from StarWind creates images of your optical media, so you can use them at any time without having the physical medium on hand.

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Recovery Toolbox for CD Free 2.0.7: Parses not openable optical discs and retrieves the source data from this media
Recovery Toolbox for CD Free 2.0.7

This tool is developed for the recovery of data, stored on CD, Blu-Ray and DVD optical discs. Recovery Toolbox for CD Free opens scratched, damaged and not openable optical discs that cannot be accessible in Windows. The program is freeware, you can get it anytime from our website and look through the data, considered to be lost. Recovery Toolbox for CD Free considerably increases your chances to restore the source data from affected discs.

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OMeR 2.2: Printed music score optical recognition add-on for Melody/Harmony Assistant
OMeR 2.2

OMeR (Optical Music easy Reader) is the printed music score optical recognition add-on for Melody Assistant or Harmony Assistant. Insert a printed page of music in your scanner, launch OMeR, and edit or listen to the tune in Melody or Harmony Assistant !

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Phantom CD 2.0: Free virtual CD software. Mount ISO or BIN/CUE disc images as virtual CD
Phantom CD 2.0

optical drive, and to avoid disc problems resulted from heat, scratch, and dirt. Enjoy reading speed up to 200 times faster than a physical disc, allowing your application and games to start and run faster. CD-R/RW, and DVD+-R/RW discs have a life span of two to five years. Optical discs commonly used for burning have a recording surface consisting of a layer of dye that can be damaged by heat. The degradation process can result in the data "shifting

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